Marketing & Communications

Marketing &



Our team will personally manage and oversee all marketing and communications projects from start to finish, guaranteeing the personal service we are renowned for. By carefully selecting each hotel in our portfolio, we treat each hotel as a precious story, recounting its uniqueness, desirability and inspiration.


At a strategic level, our Team will be involved in the major aspects of marketing your hotel from carrying out a comprehensive competitor study to developing and managing your brand strategy. We like to think of ourselves as ‘brand guardians’ of your hotel, promoting it in the most efficient and results focused manner.
We collaborate with a renowned writer, who has vast experience in hotel storytelling and has written for the most renowned hotel and restaurant press. At Agency92 we will be responsible for developing promotional literature such as brochures and catalogues which are made even more special with the touch of our in-house graphic designers.


Press Relations

An integrative part of our work is tailoring a public relations strategy suited to your hotel and target market. We manage your hotel’s press and media relations linking your hotel to top magazines, journalists and communities in order to boost exposure. As well as preparing and distributing press releases to our vast network, we will also organize exciting press trips, in order for target media to live the hotel experience fully.


We support each hotel with their social media platforms, curating social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Through the network of brands at Agency92 we can also be responsible for affiliations with key luxury brands and tactical alliances with influencers and high profile events.